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About Us

Mohtarif International Company is a limited corporation founded in 1432 Hijri -2011 in Riyadh City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has specialized in two major areas: services of drilling and extension of cables and services of finishing works. But each field of services provided is administratively independent.

At Mohtarif International Company, we have dealt with individuals, we also dealt with many institutions in the public and private sectors, concerning everything related to electricity works and finishing. We are always proud of having our customers’ reviews and feedback and their loyalty to us. Thanks God, we have always been up to the expectations of all individuals and in every service we provide to every one of our clients both from private or public sector or even individuals who need the services of our company.

We started by small activities and we have developed our business to include services of drilling and extension in the fields of telecommunications, electricity, water and other services related to connectivity, pulling and maintenance. Our services also include everything related to finishing: paints, Gypsum, tiling as well as all works of decoration and artificial landscaping, turf and tartan.
We are still in this field working hard to expand our business base and attract more and more customers. We are proud to be part of those who contributed to the construction of many projects that add to the development and establishment of this beautiful beloved homeland. We have provided highly prestigious places for many families to live in with much happiness and top quality life.